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Sweet Dreams

Blue Dream x Mastermind (Gun Show’s Littermate)

Bred By: Trogdon Showpigs

  • ULTRA BURLY…This one from day one has been a grizzly bear of a boar…Thick Haired, Big Feet, Massive Skull and Big Legs!!!
  • STOUT…in every sense of the word!!!
  • RIB SHAPE & DEPTH OF BODY…you will have no problem with…fill, capacity, and growth with his offspring!!!
  • SMOOTH MADE…as dense as his skeleton is there is not a coarse joint…and as much mass as he has there is no deviations in his movement or build.
  • A power packed pedigree with Blue Dream on top and the littermate to GUN SHOW on the bottom!!!
  • Built to make you have “SWEET DREAMS” at night…we have all had that type of boar, barrow or gilt that will make you dream of grandeur…This boar makes dreams become reality!!!