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Sport Mode

Back Drop x End Game x Dirty Secret

Bred By: S&K Showpigs

  • Out Of One Hell Of A Litter…S&K did real well with this litter…a mate gilt brought $15K this spring!!!
  • Combines everything that we love…Stoutness Of Skeleton, Elevation Of Shoulder, Flex Of Movement, Pliable Rib Shape, Extension Of Neck, Squareness Of Shape, And An Overall Balance Of Build!!!
  • Purchased as a baby boar from S&K…We have seen how SPORT MODE has developed and changed…and you no us…NO FIT OR FLUFF IN OUR FEED BUCKET…EVERYDAY HE JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER!!!
  • SPORT MODE…Has been a favorite of visitors that have stopped by the farm…With folks pre-booking him for their fall breeding lineup.
  • SPORT MODE is the EPITOME of what a GREAT BOAR is made up of…A Stacked Pedigree…From A Superior Breeder…With No Fine-Tuning Needed…AND HE HAS THE LOOK OF ALL THE GREATS!!!