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Primed & Ready (Shiftin’ Gears Son At Banisters’) X PSSS Convoy WDSF2 MISS BIG MAC 2-2 (Granddam one of WD Swine Farm’s Foundation Chester Females)

Bred & owned with: Banister Showstock


  • We were looking for a Chester boar that is an absolute PHENOM and we found him at Banister Showstock!!!
  • You think just their Poland Boars are creatures…THIS GUY IS PRIMAL!! 
  • A Heavy Boned Chester That Is…Sound, Attractive Fronted, and Massively Wide And Square.
  • Will Make Big Strides Within The Chester Breed…Think Of The Barrow’s And Boars This One Will Make!!
  • One That Will Stamp A Big Time Front On Them…And Still Maintain Chest Floor Width. 
  • Thanks to the Bainster Family For Letting Us Get This Guy In At LVS!

17590 US 68, KENTON, OH 43326