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Gas Money X Gain Control

Bred by: S&K Showpigs
Owned with: Tracy Lorenzen

On one order ONLY per household…Buy One Dose And Get The Second Dose Free 

OKAY…I am going to give a speech on this guy….I typically don’t get on a soap box often, but a boar of this caliber deserves it. Growing up just south of S&K Showpigs I often have been in awe, of what Scott and his Family can put together.

When I saw High Octane at Duncan, I was even more in awe…A boar that had been cruising the sow and gilt pens as a heat check boar, which had not seen any fit at all… “Which is getting to be issue with in our industry, far beyond the feed supplements and the feed pan…” but back on track here…a boar…NO… A HE-BOAR!! That possess that much; look, capacity, reach, go and stoutness is a must own. This boar…This HE-BOAR…I would put up against any in terms of breed-on capacity. This one will make the next generation of sows and the next generation of showpigs so good, that a person can hang their hat on it.

I challenge all Yorkshire breeders…on this boar…This HE-BOAR…I CHALLENGE YOU ON ONE 2 DOSE ORDER ONLY…BUY ONE DOSE AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE OTHER DOSE FOR FREE!!! Then tell me I am wrong…when the litters hit the ground. That’s right I believe in this boar, I believe in what he can do and what he will accomplish. Call me a whack job, call me nuts, call me whatever you want to call me…I really don’t care… “They called me insane for buying Air Jordan…and look what he did i.e. 2017 NJSA National Junior Summer Spectacular Reserve Champion Overall Purebred Barrow & Champion Yorkshire Barrow…”

Boars like this are the ones that need to be used, ones that don’t need fit to make them better. 

  • Strides With Authority, Puts The Pedal Down Every Time!!
  • The Breeding Boar That We Were Looking For…Will Make Your Herd Famous!! 
  • Our Pick Of The York Boars At Duncan. 
  • From Nose To Hip…This Guy Reads True And Ideal.
  • Never Seen Any Fit…A TRUE HE-BOAR!!!…Scott Had This Guy Heat Checking Sows Before Duncan!!

17590 US 68, KENTON, OH 43326