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Registration Number: 149653007
Bred By: Toth Family Genetics

  • This guy is one massively made Landrace…From Power Up High To Width Below!!!
  • The amount of structure and stoutness in this one is REMARKABLE…One that can make a change in one generation.
  • He wowed a lot of folks on the way from Oregon to Ohio…He was paraded a few times in Texas at the “Breeders Best Sale”…Over 3200 miles traveled and he still looked just as good once he got to Ohio.
  • Big Ears…A large and traditional ear.
  • Monster toes and a great even spread…No Short Inside Toes On This Guy.
  • Wide Hipped…as wide as you can make one and he still maintains a long rear leg stride.
  • Thanks To All The Oregon & Northwest Breeders…That Put On The Shows Out There…”Big John”…Is Only The Beginning Of Our Purchases From The Northwest…We Can Not Wait To See What 2019 Will Bring!!!

17590 US 68, KENTON, OH 43326