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Oh Baby!!!
Oh Baby

Cry Baby x Next Up

Bred By: Wehmer Showpigs

  • Our family was on vacation when STC was on…So we watched the show online…And when class 5 came in…there were 2 boars that totally stood out to us…The Don R. Smith Boar that sold to Thompson Brothers and the Wehmer Showpigs Boar that stood 2nd behind him…Broc did an exceptional job lining up the Reds at Louisville and bought one hell of a boar in the Don R. Smith boar…Which gave us the opportunity to buy OH BABY!!!
  • That “RED SHOW” at Louisville is always a highlight of some of the best Red Boars to be offered during the summer…AND WHEN WE BOUGHT OH BABY!!! We knew we bought one of the best ones to be offered this summer!!!
  • Wehmer had raised OH BABY!!! on slats up until a few short weeks before STC…and when they decided to put him on some show feed and give him a little TLC…They made the right move!!! He has done nothing but get better and better.
  • Out of Cry Baby…a red boar that needs no explanations…He is flat-out getting it done in the red breed.
  • OH BABY!! Combines the stoutness of bone and foot size with center body dimension…and all while maintaining flex and reach on both ends of his skeleton.
  • There is a massive skull and a huge forearm in OH BABY!!! And yet he still maintains a showring look and design.
  • From nose to tail and chest to center hip dimension…OH BABY!!! is wide and thick…When you need your ones to grow and need your ones to have a little more “OOMPH”…YOU NEED TO USE OH BABY!!!