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Mr. Fix It

Behind The Scenes x In The House

Bred By: Schneder Show Pigs

  • Don’t Get Me Wrong…I like going after boars that push the limits on stoutness of skeleton, boldness of dimensions and the extremes of design…But with pushing the limits…we often make them coarser jointed, push them outside of their skeleton and unbalanced in their proportions…THAT IS WHERE MR. FIX IT COMES INTO PLAY!!!
  • MR. FIX IT…Is balanced in his design, sound in his structure and still maintains the appeal of making showpigs attractive and marketable.
  • One thing I pride myself on is the Structural Soundness and Foot/Toe quality of the boars here at LVS…We don’t lop off dew claws to maintain some sort of soundness and longevity of the boars…and we don’t push boars to be something that they are not…with fluff and fill…I like boars that have a fluid movement, that are up on their pasterns and that look like they should…with out a magical feed bucket…MR. FIX IT…Is just that…a “No Holes” type of boar…One that if he breeds on like I think he should…he will fix the bad and help bring back to light…Soundness with Stoutness, Extreme Dimensions with Proper Proportions, and Style with Balance.
  • The long list of “Sow Power” behind this one is incredible as well…
  • Mother Of Mr. Fix It: 3rd Overall in the NSR’s “The Move Virtual Show” and 4th Overall Hampshire at the 2020 OYLE (Ohio Youth Livestock Expo).
  • Grandmother Of Mr. Fix It: 4th Overall Jr. Hamp at The Ohio State Fair 2019 and Grand Overall Open Show The Ohio State Fair 2019.
  • Great Grandmother: Is from WinMor Farms and was the Reserve Champion Hampshire in the open show at The Ohio State Fair 2018.