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In Demand X Chatter x The Click

  •  EYE 2 EYE brings everything to the table…mass, stoutness, shape, attractiveness, athleticism, and a proven lineage behind him.
  • Was Veach’s entry for 2022 NSR Belton SWTC…That we bought just days before the show…John retained semen interest on EYE 2 EYE and DONE DEAL…They will see some of his best gilts and sows!!!
  • This Hampshire boar we would put up against any boar of any breed…He will make Hampshires better and will see some of our best cross sows here at LVS!!!
  • Combines both the Heimer sow and the Autrey sow on the bottom side of his pedigree.
  • Has seen some elite Hampshire females thus far…The mother of the 2019 Reserve Champion Hampshire Barrow at The Ohio State Fair and his littermate sister…And Walnut Lane Farm/Searson bred him to the littermate to Queenie (The mother of the $29,000 Hampshire Gilt at 2021 NSR STC)…just to name a few!!!
  • DONE DEAL & EYE 2 EYE…Has us just excited as when we bought SET THE STYLE…We feel that they will make a huge impact on the Hampshire Breed!!!