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Dark Cloud

Weatherman x Shattered

Bred Sow From: Mauck Show Hogs
Raised By: Wicked Livestock

  • STORM FRONT & DARK CLOUD’S Mother is also the mother of Champion Berk Barrow at the 2020 Indiana State Fair and POKE THE BEAR…She is also…The litter mate to Glass House and the Kitterman barrow that was Champion Berk and 3rd Overall 2019 Indiana State Fair.
  • DARK CLOUD is the one with shape and power…With a trendy jawline and elevated shoulder…Ones with his look find the top-end pens easily!!!
  • He has the extra extensions and a longer skull…Take to those with a shorter face and that need a little more length from shoulder to ear.
  • Fluid Structure…With them being shown on the “Green Carpet” in Georgia…It is easy to pick holes in soundness and foot and toe quality…These two set the bar in my mind on soundness and structure…They were fluid with their movements and correct in their build.
  • DARK CLOUD is unique to the breed as he brings a different look and trend…Competing against other purebreds and crosses in a final drive…DARK CLOUD’S offspring will not only stand out but overdue them with ring appeal.
  • We will be using both boars not only in our Berkshire females here at LVS…but in our cross program too…These boars bring to the table an abundance of good that can be used in every facet!!!