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Set The Style x Diamond x Bugsy

Bred By: Nick Katrina Howell (Howell Brothers Showpigs)

    • Heavy Structured, Strong Pasterns…JUST FLATOUT DARN GOOD STOCK!!!
    • A Hampshire Sired Cross Boar That Will Fix A Lot Of Things!!!
    • On the top side of his pedigree is the proven “Sire-Ability” of Set The Style and on the bottom side you have “Genetic Giants” like…Sky Cam, Visionary, Closet Monster, Bone Thug and Creature…Which means he will maternally line-mate with every sow out there.
    • You should see his littermate sisters…They are just as good…The Wilde Family In Texas Have A Killer “Raven Black Gilt!!”

17590 US 68, KENTON, OH 43326