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T118 x Mountain Time x Journey  

Bred by: Horsley GeneticsNoah Horsley
Owned With: Jet Aerospace Genetics – BJ, Sue, and, JJ Orgis

  • A cross boar that we feel, is the next logical step to making big strides within our industry!
  • Quarter Hamp, Half Cross, Quarter York…T-OFF is the perfect blend to fit most herds.
  • Big time fronted boar..He is attractive in his head carriage and maintains a deep chest cavity.
  • A huge backed boar, that has the right length of body to make them better where most are not.
  • The ground that he covers is amazing…he takes a big stride and keeps them where he should.
  • Large footprints….he is not a sissy footed boar. 
  • His massive foot size mirrors his incredible bone size.
  • Thanks to Noah for giving us the opportunity to purchase T-OFF!!!
  • Thanks also to the Orgis Faimly for teaming up with us to purchase T-OFF!!!

17590 US 68, KENTON, OH 43326