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Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett

HD Comeback x Tiger Paws x Centerfold x Guns N Roses

Bred By: Bartholomew Farm Durocs

  •  Massive Rib Shape, Massive Shouldered, and Massive Toes…DAVY…will make the kind that “Grow On You!!!”
  • His hip is incredible and his stride is flawless…Will make those barrows and boars have a little more…and yet still maintain soundness and athleticism.
  • Out of HD Comeback a herd boar at Bartholomew’s farm that has landed 2 Boars in Studs…Built Tough at Shipley Swine Genetics and Davy here at LVS.
  • Just like his namesake…He will be a “Frontiersman” for the red breed…leading the way with an outcross pedigree to most red swine out there.
  • This boar was line-bred to the uniqueness of the Bartholomew program in mind…Maternally Davy is stacked with the best sows…Mother is 27-4 Tigger Paws…Grandmother is 12-7 Centerfold 7-1…and Great Grandmother is Guns N Roses the 3rd Overall Bred & Owned At 2017 NJSA Eastern Regional.

We can’t speak enough about our friendship with Derek, Abigayle, Steven and the adorable newest addition Audrey!!! This family’s passion for the purebred swine industry is second to none…Their program is driven to success for the “Long Term” and not pushed into failures made by fads…Derek and the family have something special in the beautiful state of Tennessee…and it rings true in their commitment to making each generation of purebreds better!!!