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Rules and Regulations 2014 Overview
NOTE: Important change have been made be sure to read the
NEW Rules and Regulations!


NEW: All animals and health certificates must be inspected prior to unloading. Any animals unloaded prior to inspection will be dismissed from barns and forfeit participation in sift and sale.

1) An interstate health certificate of veterinary inspection from state of origin, issued by a licensed accredited veterinarian, must accompany each animal.

2) Certificates must be issued after February 28, 2014.

3) All animals may be listed on one health certificate. The original health certificate must accompany shipment, and two copies of the original certificate must be supplied for each animal.

4) Each certificate must show: Name and address of consignor, and be consigned to Winners Only Pig Sale, Wayne County Youth Center, 861 Salisbury Road N., Richmond, IN 47374

5) Individual identification of animal is required (ear notches are acceptable for purebred animals, but federally approved ear tags and ear notches are required for all crossbred animals).

A permit number is required on each shipment of swine entering Indiana and MUST be recorded on the health certificate. Only accredited veterinarians or veterinarian offices may obtain this permit by contacting Barbara Pierle at the Indiana State Board of Animal Health by phone (317) 544-2381 or fax (317) 974-2011.

Since all states are Stage 5 of the Pseudorabies (PRV) eradication program, no testing is required for this show. If the animals come from a Pseudorabies qualified herd and from a Brucellosis validated herd, it is required that these numbers and the last test dates appear on the health certificate.

All health certificates must carry the statements: Farm of origin of the swine has not had pseudorabies or swine dysentery in the last 12 months, has not had any clinical signs or diagnosis of TGE or PEDv in the last 60 days, feeds no garbage, uses no PRV vaccine, and is not under quarantine for any disease condition; also that vesicular stomatitus has not been diagnosed within 10 miles of the farm of origin within the last 30 days.

It is recommended that all pigs be vaccinated for mycoplasma, circovirus and swine influenza. Two injections given at least two weeks apart is preferred. These products are available commercially from several vaccine companies. This is not a sale requirement.

A premises ID number is required on your health papers.

Your driver’s license number MUST be included on your health certificate.

Please list your veterinarian’s cell phone number on the health certificate.

Remember, an original interstate health certificate must accompany each shipment, and each pig must have two copies of the original health certificate.


Failure to comply with the new Regulations may result in disqualification.